We are one of the leading suppliers of high-purity aluminium with purity levels between 99,99% and 99,999%.

The global demand of high purity aluminium and the wide range of applications are steadily increasing.

Due to it’s high electrical conductivity and low impurity levels high-purity aluminium is used in many different industrial sectors.

Our products apply for high-tech applications in the semiconductor industry, capacitor foils, photovoltaic cells, electronical storage systems, flat panel screens and sputtering-targets as well as for high-grade surface coating to protect against corrosion.

In order to meet the constantly increasing demand we develop specific and sustainable solutions for very complex applications according to the needs of our customers.

We guarantee reproducible quality standards on highest level. 

Quality is a component of all our company activities to maintain and improve our quality management system and competitiveness.

We offer high-purity aluminium in various shapes from casted ingots to finest powder depending on customer requirements.